Launch of "The Great" DM Campaign

The Great DM Campaign

Intelligent Media is proudly launching its ‘Printelligent’ SPIFF rating system and the first port of call is the release of our September “The Great” DM piece which went out in early September 2014.

Printelligent is a definition we have created to describe what we do and who we are:

To cause (words, images) to appear in ways that can, in effect, deal with or solve a problem or situation outside the conventional delivery of a message through the manipulation of substrate, personalization, ink, fold and functionality.

It is through this definition that we came up with our SPIFF rating system. It is how we measure the effectiveness of the collateral we produce for our customers.  We work with agencies and creative departments at conceptual stage to develop ways in which we can use SPIFF (substrate, personalisation, ink, fold and functionality) to help improve cut through and uptake of marketing collateral through increased interactivity and relevance.

The Printelligent Journey

The Great DM piece is the first edition to our monthly sensory extravaganza re-invigorating the perception of print media and its place in the marketing arena.

Intelligent Media has engineered a strategy that will lead its customers on a 12 month journey of innovation and data acquisition using all forms of digital media in conjunction with traditional print media.

The typical recipient is time poor, cynical, de-sensitised! People like to touch, feel, experience.

Printelligent printing is about bringing out the inner child. Imagine again what it would be like to be full of wonder and innocence, to be vulnerable, free of responsibility, unjudged, playful, spontaneous, carefree.

Woody Harrelson was famously quoted saying “An Adult is a child with layers on”

Printelligent peels away those layers and, even if just for a moment, tickles the recipient’s inner child into submission!

The Great DM Campaign

SPIFF rating results:

Substrate 8/10
Personalisation 5/10
Ink 7/10
Fold 7/10

The Great DM Campaign is the delivery of a personalized magic card. Keep it in your wallet and bring out at gatherings to impress your friends and peers.  Oh wait. That’s right, you need to know how the trick works.

On the back of the card are 6 boxes with numbers in them.  You will ask people to pick any number on that card and once you have learnt the trick you will be able to tell them what number they have chosen. Amazed? Not Sold? Call Shadi Taleb at Intelligent Media and he will telepathically read your mind over the phone and tell you the number you are thinking.  Then if you are worthy, we will pass on the telepathic skill required to read peoples minds and complete this trick.

If you are reading this and have not received your DM, click here to join our database to be included into next months DM

Didn’t get yours? Well, we can’t really read minds so you need to click here to sign up for our next DM piece.

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